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Parsons and Northumbria Join the Roster of Inclusive Spaces University Collaborators

We want to make the future better by design, and what better place to begin than in the minds of future retail designers?

It's important to pave the way for inclusive retail spaces of the future. We're entering our second year collaborating with RMIT students in Melbourne, and we are happy to announce that both Parsons School of Design and Northumbria University have now joined our list of University collaborators.

“Super inspiring and encouraging, it's really important that we're having this class”

- Parsons student

At Inclusive Spaces, we strive to be pioneers, challenging preconceived thinking and pushing innovation to impact the world positively. The need to challenge the word inclusivity and how we apply it to what we do at YourStudio is how Inclusive Spaces was born. We want to ensure that no one feels excluded or marginalised by retail brands.

Inclusivity in retail design is more than just a trend. Today's consumers are increasingly aware of social issues and expect the brands they support to follow suit. In response to this shifting customer landscape and in our decision to partner with the retail designers of the future, we hope to inspire the next generation of designers to challenge existing biases and barriers in design, paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Stay tuned for the Parsons student's Inclusive Spaces design research outcome, and if you would like to collaborate with Inclusive Spaces, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.