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Breaking the Binaries

Reading time: 1 minute

Artists advocating for empowerment and social change at the Science Gallery Melbourne

YourStudio visited Melbourne's Science Gallery to investigate Break The Binaries. Installations from local and international artists present a playful and kaleidoscopic view of identity and genders and their relationship with science, technology, culture, race, sexuality and creativity.

The exhibition challenges traditional binary thinking in science and society. Featuring installations and interactive displays designed to encourage visitors to think outside the binary box.

Through immersive installations visitors are invited to question preconceived notions of gender and sexuality and explore the complexity and diversity of gender identity, challenging the binary constructs of male and female.

A virtual reality experience allows visitors to explore different environments and experiences from the perspective of someone with a non-binary gender identity. A powerful and immersive way to empathise with the experiences of non-binary individuals.

Break the Binaries is a trailblazing exhibit that inspires its audience to embrace diversity and inclusivity while confronting any pre-existing biases or stereotypes related to gender, race, and sexuality. Download our full report and find out more.